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Ahmed Omar Bali is head of the Diplomacy and Public Relations Department and a lecturer at the University of Human Development in Iraqi Kurdistan. He teaches on Public Diplomacy, Principle of Public Relations, Media and Public Opinion, Methodology. He holds Ph.D. in media and communication from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. He has worked as a radio presenter and a news and programme manager.

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. English for Diplomacy Purpose 

  2. English for Public Relations Purpose

  3. Political Communication and Public Opinion  (code)
  4. Fundamental of Public Relations

My Publications are available via the following link:
My Research interests are:
  1. The of communication technology in fighting corruption and the employees satisfaction.
  2. Media coverage and  the Public Diplomacy effort.
  3. Political communication.
  4. Audience and TV drama.
Reviewer in:
Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People in Romanian.
Journal of Media Management and Mnterrelationship

e-mail: ahmed.abdullah@uhd.edu.iq

ORCID iD:0000-0002-4458-5683
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