Name: Anwar Mohammed Faraj
Post: president's Assistant for Scientific Affairs  and post Graduate Affairs
Qualification: PhD
Academic Title: Professor
Specialty: International Relations Theories
Mobile number: (+964) 770 213 71 55 
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Short Biography
Prof. Dr. Anwar M. Faraj was born in Darbandikhan, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq in 1977. He obtained his BA (1999) in Political Science from Salahaddin University, Iraq, MA (2003) and Ph.D (2005) in Political Science from Neelain University in Sudan. He started his career as a faculty member of the College of Law and Politics at the University of Suleimani in 2005. From September 2008 to October 2016 he was the Dean of the College of Law and Politics at the University of Human Development, UHD, in Sulaymaniyah. He is now the President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs at UHD. In addition Prof. Faraj has been teaching Political Science and International Relations subjects to undergraduate and post-graduate students at both Suleimani University and  University of Human Development since 2005. He was the head of the preparation board of the 4th International Scientific Conference of UHD in 2017. Prof. Faraj has many academic activities as well; he has participated in a number of courses, on democracy, human rights and civil society, inside and outside Iraq, and he has held seminars and workshops for some non-governmental organisations including NDI, NPA, KIE and others.  Prof Faraj has published four books on International Relations and International Relations Theory in Arabic and Kurdish and nine articles on Political Science, International Relations and Foreign Policy in national journals and he has presented papers in five national and international conferences. His main research interests are in Political Theory, International Relations Theory, Human Rights and Democratic Transition. His works can be accessed at the Internet links provided below. His ORCID is 0000-0002-6692-3188. He can be reached by phone at:
 +964 770 213 7155 and by email at: