Welcome to my Academic Profile site. I am Mr. Faraydoon M. Mahmood an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of business Administration_Evening Course, College of Administration and Economics, the University of Human Development.

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Human Resource Management (BA 201)
  2. Marketing Management (AC 203)

My Publications are:
  1. (No) Journal papers
  2. (1) Conference papers
  3. (No) Published books

My Research interests are:

The research made an attempt to explore the relationship between job satisfaction and work motivation. Job satisfaction has been treated as an independent and motivation as a dependent variable. The participators were the employees of different offices in Sulaymaniyah – Kurdistan. The data has been collected from 41 employees. Researcher collected primary data and used two different types of standard questionnaires. Findings provide that job satisfaction has affected by motivation.

e-mail: faraydoon.mahmood@uhd.edu.iq
Mobile: (+964) - 194 59 30
ORCID iD:orcid.org/0000-0002-2387-5892
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