Welcome to my Academic Profile site. I am .Ibrahim.M. Arif, Assistant teacher at the Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, College of Administration and Economics the University of Human Development.

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Introduction To The Islamic Economic (FB209)
  2. Islamic Bank(FB310)
  3. comprehensive Banks & Islamic(AC208)
  4. Course3 name (code)

My Publications are:
  1. Islamic banks in the Kurdistan region of Iraq upbringing -althdiat - Prospects() Journal papers
  2. (The impact of good governance in economic development from an Islamic perspective and the possibility of its application in the Kurdistan region of Iraq) Conference papers
  3. (No) Published books

My Research interests are:
  1. 1. Banks and Islamic banks
  2. 2. Islamic Economy and the Economy
  3. xxxx

Mobile: (+964) - 7701576957
ORCID iD:0000-0002-1199-793X
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