Name: Ismail Mohammed Noriey                                                                                    Post: Lecturer                                                                
Qualification: PhD in Leadership in Education
Academic Title: Lecturer                                                       
Specialty: Leadership, Education 
Mobile number: (+964)7501729592 
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Number of Publication with IF (ISI): AuthorHouse

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 Short Biography

Ismail Noriey, who was born in Kurdistan-northern Iraq- more than 9 years of experience in teaching in different high educational levels in the UK since he moved to it in 2001. Following obtaining his qualifications in “Leadership in Education”, PhD from the University of Hertfordshire and MA from the University of Wolverhampton, he studying at the University of Wolverhampton as an EdD researcher since 2015 and as a lecturer at the FBT College in Birmingham since 2013 to the date in which he has taught various HND units such as Leadership and Management Modules and Business Analysis for Managers.

In addition to this, he supervises and examines the researchers that relate to his field of specialisation at the London Humanities College. Prior to undertaking the responsibility of the previous subjects he was appointed as an assistant lecturer at the University of Sulaimani which is located in the Kurdish Region-North Iraq during the years 2012-2013. In this position, he was teaching various units at undergraduate level besides coordinating its Leadership and Education programs.

Currently, he is a lecturer at University of Human Development for an academic year (2018-2019).  

Research Interests
  1. Leadership in Education 
  2. Pedagogical in Education  
  3. Philosophical Underpinnings of Educational Leadership  
  4. Research Methods 
  5. Innovative Teaching Strategies