Requirements for publishing papers in the UHD Journal of Science and Technology

1.    Papers should be up to date and present new trends.

2.    Papers should not have been published elsewhere, and should not be simultaneously sent to any other journals for publishing.

3.    Papers should be in compliance with technical requirements of the journal with regard to layout, use of pictures, figures, charts, etc.

4.    Editing staff members can refuse a research paper if:

a.    it is not in compliance with the guidelines;

b.    it does not meet the journal's strategies and views;

c.     it was apparent, after consulting experts and before sending it over to evaluation expert, that the research is not at a standard level.

5.    Papers will be forwarded to (2 to 3) experts specialized in the research field inside and/or outside Kurdistan region for evaluation. After receiving experts' responses, a decision will be made by the editing staff of the journal for further progress.

6.    Research papers are published in English in compliance with the journal’s guidelines.

7.    All research papers written should be accompanied by a letter proving that the paper has been proofread by a professional proof reader.

8.    All research papers undergo plagiarism check; therefore, the researcher is responsible for the content and results of his/her paper. For this purpose, researchers should fill out a specific form which is available on the journal’s website.

9.    A paper should be submitted online via the portal of the journal.

10. The publication fee is 250,000 IQD, which can be paid when the paper has been accepted.

11. The paper should not normally exceed 5000 words. Extra words will be charged, 10,000 IQD for each 500 words.

12. IEEE (two columns) format available on journal portal must be followed.

13. After the approval of the research, all rights belong to the journal, and the research owner has the right to publish the paper’s results in books s/he publishes only, but s/he is not allowed to submit it to anyone else, as the journal has this right.

14. The research owner should resubmit the final edited version of the paper to the journal after receiving approval.

15. Research papers will be published on the journal’s website: ( in (DOI) system.

16. The author(s) should fill the author information form, available on journal portal, and return back with the modified version of their paper.

17. The author(s) should sign and return back the copyright form available on journal portal.