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Krmanj Gundi (کرمانج گوندی)

College of Education, Tennessee State University

Abstract-Integrity has been identified as the most important attribute in the leadership community and for the effectiveness of any organization (educational or non-educational alike). Since integrity is a set of ethical and moral values, it is crucial to align the actions of the leader with this set of values and the organization’s standards. While organizations have moral responsibilities towards the society of which they serve—it is pivotal that the interests of all stakeholders are given priority. Leaders can serve while transforming the organization, only when they approach everything with integrity and honor their words with deeds. Another important factor for leading with integrity in any profession is, particularly pronounced as it corresponds to a swath of the decline of ethical values in public and private institutions as well as educational institutions. Therefore, directing actions in the organization requires a set of principles for the leader to exercise in order to carefully guide the employees to achieve the goals and objectives defined by the organization’s mission. 

Kewords-Leading with Integrity
Date: 12/21/2016 2:00:00
Place: Hunar Surchi Hall