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Optimizing Dependent Variables and Multi-Responses Regression Model Development 
نةوزاد محمد احمد
Department of Banking and Finance, University of Human Development

Abstract-This study is concerned as an extension and development of the results for a previous study which was done by the researcher (*), which was also recommended to optimize the response variables for the(fitted multi-responses regression model, MRRM). This can be done by building a linear programming systems for each response separately which produced in (MRRM), and solving these systems using linear programming procedure solution which named by (Simplex Method). In order to build these systems one can put each response (dependent variable) as an (objective) variable that required optimising, and the independent variables (explanatory variables) are concerned as inputs to construct and building the (constraints). Then after solving these systems, it’s able to determine the optimal (maximum value for the objectives), and the values of inputs (independent variables), which maximize the objectives.

Keywords -  Optimizing Dependent Variables  -    Multi-Responses Regression Model Development 
Date: 1/2/2018      14:00:00
Place: Hall 54
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Feb 4, 2018, 10:32 PM