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The Study of Effects of Social Networks on Elements of Internet Marketing Mix among Users
faezeh saidimoradi
Department of Banking and Finance, University of Human Development

Abstract:Social networks (SN) play a fundamental role in distribution of information. After emergence and increasing expansion of social networks, new markets and new marketing methods were developed in online environment. These networks are highly rich of content such as text, images and other multi-media data. These characteristic can be used as a tool to analyze most social and economic problems. Due to increasing significance of social networks and elements of Internet marketing mix, the present study examines the association of these two phenomena to analyze their effectiveness on each other. The present study is of correlative-descriptive type. It is an objective survey due to its method of data collection and cross-sectional in regard to the analyzed period of time. The present study is based on structural equations modeling (SEM). In this regard, a review of literature based on library sources and field studies is followed by collection of data through questionnaire. In addition, the measurement of basic concepts of present study is done through theories of social network by Valdis and Internet marketing mix by Kalyanam and McIntyre. The Reliability of the questionnaire was measured through Cronbach’s alpha method and the validity of present study was confirmed through two methods of content validity and structural validity through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and KMO index. The final findings of present study obtained through SPSS and Lisral applications showed a significant association between social networks and elements of Internet marketing mix among the sampled users. Finally, the analysis of collected data including information of website clients as well as their URL-based order of visiting different site pages contributes to this conclusion that “Vitrin Searching” is a significant and optimizing factor of marketing strategies in social networks.
Keywords -online social networks, marketing of online social networks, Internet marketing, elements of Internet marketing mix
Date: 30/5/2018    13:30:00 
Place: Hall 54