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Nominal Infinitive in English and Arabic:
A Contrastive Study
Inaad Mutlib Sayer
Department of English Language, University of Human Development

Abstract- This paper studies the nominal uses of the infinitive in English and Arabic. The aim of the study is to highlight the similarities and differences between the two languages in this respect. The procedure which is followed in this paper is that for each nominal function, the infinitives in English and Arabic are put in contrast for finding the points of similarity and difference. The study has shown that the nominal infinitive in both languages can be subject of verb, direct object, retained object, appositive, and adjective complement. However, only the English infinitive can be objective complement, and only the Arabic infinitive can be object of preposition.

Kewords-Nominal infinitive, Contrastive linguistics, Contrastive grammar

Date: 24/1/2017 14:00:00
Place: Huner Surchi Hal
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Jun 11, 2017, 12:31 AM