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CLT 2017-26

The Representation of Multiple Intelligences Theory in North Star
Brwa Othman Omer 
Department of English Language, University of Human Development

Abstract-This seminar will discuss Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory as opposed to IQ as an intelligence test and MI representation in North Star: “Reading and Writing” and “Listening and speaking” books for level one. From each of the books a chapter has been selected for analysis. For the Reading and Writing book, the chapter contains 36 activities and 31 activities for the Listening and Speaking book.

Kewords-MI, Intelligence, EFL, Checklist, English Textbooks, North Star activities, IQ. 

Date: 1/11/2017   14:00:00
Place: Hall 171
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Dec 9, 2017, 11:54 PM