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Applying The New Paradigm Of Anywhere Any Time In ESL Teaching Experience In The KRG Province Iraq
Saman Ali Mohammed & Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb
Department of EnglishLanguage, University of Human Development

Abstract:Traditional Teacher Centered Learning (TCL) and Classroom-Oriented Learning (COL) methods and approaches are fast giving ways to alternative, rapidly evolving, styles in our modern Information Age [24]. English Language Teachings (ESL/TEFL), previously a tutor-centered and classroom-based activity, are similarly following suit as evidenced by the availability of CALL methods and technologies [1] [2] [10], and also by the widespread use of Applications (Apps) implemented in smartphones, tablets and pads as well as laptops. Before appropriately implementing any strategy in our case study, a literature review is done to reach an adequate understanding of the state-of-the-art in terms of technology-assisted ESL / TEFL. Next, an appropriately designed questionnaire was used to ascertain the various technological as well as user-centred factors which may impact upon the efficacy and usefulness of such a plan and strategy. Increasingly, students are dependent upon mobile technology for information gathering and communication . How successful can this be in the context of ESL/TEFL? What can we learn from these factors, and how can we best adapt this technology and resource in the context of the English Language learning experience in Kurdistan Iraq?
KeywordEnglish Language Teaching, computer assisted language learning CALL, English Language Teaching, mobile learning and technological language learning development.
Date: 31/5/2018    12:00:00
Place: 174 Hall
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Jul 16, 2018, 11:53 PM