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The Explication of Loyalty and Disloyalty in Farrokhzad’s "Captive"
Saman Ali Mohammed
Department of EnglishLanguage, University of Human Development

Abstract:: Love relation, betrayal, and disloyalty are determined parts of the driven human's life and are regarded as social issues in human relations in groups. In confrontation of the genders among the overall public the most evident affirmation is energetic yearning for friendship. Individuals wedded in light of love and their trademark prerequisite for simultaneous and
segregate from each other due to stifle of fondness thirst came to fruition in view of advance in demeanour. Love is the sole standing where individuals may find an authentic understanding of themselves additionally, join distinctive individuals. Love is both disappointing and relieving meanwhile. It is a powerful force that conforms to its novel standards and reveals its messages in
people's wishes and behavioural illustrations. Unfaithfulness is portrayed as the establishment of sexual relations between two individuals from backwards sex outside the family relations that starts with bad form, and its critical motivation is enjoyment. Developing these relations is improbable without swinging to telling deception. Thus, the present paper looks at her perspective about these two sections - loyalty and unfaithfulness - through separating some of her pieces in this social occasion and speaks to a substitute some portion of these subjects.
KeywordModern Poetry, Persian Poetry, Iranian modern Poetry, Forough, Love, Disloyalty, Male & Female.
Date: 19/4/2018    13:00:00
Place: 176 Hall
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Jul 16, 2018, 11:49 PM