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UHD Computer Laboratories

Karzan Hussein

Department of Computer Science, University of Human Development

Abstract- College of science and technology has presented a seminar about “UHD computer laboratories”, presented by Mr. Karzan Hussein Sharif. The presentation highlights the renewing of computer laboratories, what are the previous problems, how the problems fixed and how can teachers manage their practical lessons after this renew for the laboratories. As a part of a wider review on the operation of the Computer Laboratory, the Dean of college established a committee to review the provision of IT supports services in the university computer laboratories. This Seminar presents the findings and conclusions, and recommends possible action to improve the comprehensive and high quality services that are currently provided. Given the challenges of providing computer facilities and services in an academic environment, the Laboratories are one of the best served departments in the university. On the other hand, it would have been surprising not to have found any problems, and these can be summarized as the following issues: Network infrastructure (laboratories does not have a complete network infrastructure), Security Risk (Because of there is no any security software for protecting computer system from virus, worm, Trojan and any other malicious program, the computers always faced more security risks and every computer is always at risk for unauthorized access for changing in computer system and software configuration, this can be a problem for important information may be destroyed, On the other hand, using Flash Memory and CD/DVD drive by Computer users was allowed), The laboratories just used during the practical lesson, students did not use the labs for any other purpose like working on their projects. After determine problems, the presenter explain how they solve the problems by: building a complete network infrastructure, Installing and set upping the most important Software for preventing computer system to be customized, For Monitoring, Controlling and managing laboratories system, they used NetSupport School. NetSupport School is a focused management software solution that ensures teachers have the tools they need to monitor, control and collaborate with their students. NetSupport School has hundreds of features within its components like (Control, Monitor Internet, Application, Instant Messenger, Printer and USB/CD devices, Collaboration). At the end of the seminar, all lectures (especially those lecturers they have practical lessons) take some training on the system about what is required to know for managing their practical lessons.

Kewords-Monitoring, Controlling and managing laboratories system, Network infrastructure, Security Risks, NetSupport School. 

Date: 6/10/2016
Place: Lab
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Apr 17, 2017, 1:58 AM