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EOG Signal Modeling using Double Exponential Smoothing for Robot Arm Control System  

Naufel B. Mohammed

Department of Information Technology, University of Human Development

Abstract-The aim of this research is to build a model of (EOG) signal using the double exponential something (DES) method, this model used in a robot arm control system. The accuracy of the model tested by using square error (MSE) and main a psliot error (MAPE) of the predicted EOG signal . Auto correction analysis applied to study the pattern existing and linearity of EOG signal with eye movements EOG signal measurement for this research classified in to five kinds: EOG horizontal (left and right ) (up and down ),and blinking . The EOG signal model of this research saved and used as a reference file to classify the eye movements a measurement and robot arm control system contracted by using arduino olimix 328, olimix sensor shield ;and robot arm driving circuit , arduino c used as a programming environment ,Minitab software used to build the model and correlation analysis ,Brian bay software used to signal processing .

Date: 15/12/2016
Place: Hunar Surchi Hall