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Using green it solution to gain optimizing performance in public sectors
Rzgar Sirwan Raza & Shereen Al-Raheym
Department of computer science , University of Human Development

Abstract-Green IT solution has recently emerges as a computing technique that uses telecommunication equipment with computers for storage, retrieval, and exchange data among multi-clients. Virtualization and thin client based technologies are developed as traditional desktop computers but in efficient use of computing resources. The design process of this paper relies on the thin client technologies virtual desktop machines which visualizes access remotely to what is set up in a server. Clients with stateless I/O devices such as (display, keyboard, mouse, etc..) have the capability to log in to a specific VM machine and share computational resources with other clients at the same time. The essential feature of implementing such a technique resulting in more effective usability of hardware resources, reduce maintenance cost, enhance security, and preventing loss of data, and computational cost as well.

Kewords-Thin client, Green IT, traditional desktop, telecommunication, stateless device. 
Date:4/1/2018    13:00:00
Place: 140  HAll
Shaima Othman Faeq,
Jan 28, 2018, 11:51 PM