Welcome to my Academic Profile site. I am  Tahseen Hamah Saeed (Hamagharib) an Assistant Professor at the Department of law, College of law and politics, the University of Human Development.

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. An Introduction of Law (LW102)
  2. Public Finance and Financial Legislation(LW207)
  3. Public Finance(PS305)
  4.  public International Law(PS205)

My Publications are:
    1. Research named by (Amartya Sen's theory of justice, and the results applied to transitional justice) Second International Scientific Conference 15 - /. 04/16/2015
    2. Research named by (contribution to the economy in rentier hinder good governance) International Scientific Conference.uhd. ini20-21 /4  / 2016.
    3. Research (Amartya Sen's theory of justice, and the results applied to transitional justice) in the magazine (Human Development University) Volume (1) Number (1) The second canon 2015.
    4. His (41) published author in the fields (law, philosophy, religion and ethics, literature, economics and history). Most recent book (Justice and theories) published by the University of Human Development in the year (2016).

          My Research interests are:
          1. Philosophy of Law
          2. Economy and financial legislation
          3. Public international law
          4. Justice theory and the theory of the right
          5. Philosophy and epistemology
          6. Religion and mysticism and the philosophy of religion.
          7.  Ethics and philosophy of ethics
          8. Literature and literary criticism
          9. The history of science and philosophy of science
          10. History and Philosophy of History
          11. Language and philosophy of language
          12. Art and Philosophy of Art
          13. Critical thought and mind
          (I have the books publiczied in the areas mentioned above.)

          Mobile: (+964) - 770 145 0152
          ORCID iD:0000-0002-1166-9274
          My Google Scholar Page link:https://sites.google.com/a/uhd.edu.iq/tahsin-hamahsaeed/